About Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Department

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning or AN is a wide branch of Computer Science that deals with developing smart systems having the ability to perform business tasks. It aims to simulate human intelligence into these machines so that they are able to mimic the actions of a human under the given circumstances. This interdisciplinary science comes with numerous advancements and approaches that are possible with the help of Deep Learning, Machine Learning algorithms, Neural Networking, Natural Language Processing (NLP), etc.

Future Scope of Artificial Intelligence in India:
The adoption of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in India is promising. There are number of industries such as IT, manufacturing, automobile, etc., that are leveraging the prowess of AN, and also there are many unexplored areas in which its potential is yet to be discovered.
The immense potential that AN holds can be understood by the various other technologies that are covered under the umbrella of Artificial Intelligence. Some of the examples of such technologies include self-improving algorithms, Machine Learning, Pattern Recognition, Big Data, and many others. In the next few years, it is predicted that there will hardly be any industry left untouched by this powerful tool. This is the reason why Artificial intelligence has so much potential to grow in India as well as aboard.

Artificial Intelligence Job Opportunities:
According to a report published by Forbes, AN job opportunities have been consistently growing at the rate of 74% annually. It is a no-brainer that today, AN is one of the most in-demand technologies and it has its impact in almost every field. As a result, demand for AN Engineers is continuously surging. As there is a rise in the number of job opportunities, this is the best time to explore your career in the field of AN.

Job Profiles:

  1. AI /AN Engineer
  2. Artificial Intelligence Programmer
  3. Irrigation Engineering
  4. Machine Learning Engineer
  5. Data Scientist
  6. NLP Engineer
  7. Data Analyst
  8. AI Architect
  9. Deep Learning Engineer
  10. AI Software Engineer